French-to-English translation delivered with in-house expertise.

The W Translation difference is the extensive in-house expertise we offer our clients. We work as an extension of your team and aim to provide the service and attention to detail you’d expect from your own employees. Our number one priority is to meet your needs—and go above and beyond your expectations.

Literary Translation

Literary translation by W Translation, David Warriner, French to English, literary translator of Quebec fiction, mysteries, detective novels, thrillers.

Although W Translation may specialize in insurance, financial, corporate and certified translation, we feel it’s important to find professional balance and a creative outlet.

For W Translation, the creative side of business is emerging through literary translation and primarily mysteries, detective fiction and children's fiction.

David Warriner is excited to be contributing reviews and snapshot translations of mysteries and thrillers to Québec Reads and, online magazines of Quebec literature in translation.

Together with a colleague, David revised The Cabin, a debut mystery novel written in English by Quebec-based Swedish author Lisa Linton. He is currently working on a number of book projects.

David welcomes suggestions for Francophone fiction to read and review. He invites English-language publishers interested in new translations to get in touch.

As a professional translator, David feels it is important to read extensively in his source and target languages so he can keep his finger on the pulse. For him, it’s only natural to want to translate what he enjoys reading for the benefit of others.

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Published translations :
We Were the Salt of the Sea
A literary crime thriller by Roxanne Bouchard
Forthcoming from Orenda Books, 2018

Run Better: How to Improve Your Running Technique and Prevent Injury 
A practical guide by Jean-François Harvey
Greystone Books, 2017

Alex and the Monsters 
Two YA graphic novels by Jaume Copons
Forthcoming from Crackboom Books, 2018

Latest book reviews and translations:

Playing Hangman in Montreal
Je me souviens by Martin Michaud
Les Éditions Goélette, 2012

Hunting for a Purpose
Poacher's Faith by Marc Séguin
(tr. Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo)
Exile Editions, 2013

Beneath the Surface
Sous la surface by Martin Michaud
Les Éditions Goélette, 2013

Against God (Contre Dieu)
by Patrick Sénécal
(tr. Susan Ouriou and Christelle Morelli)
Quattro Books, 2012

Terre à bois (Wood Lot) by Sylvain Hotte
Les Éditions Goélette, 2013

Quinze pour cent by Samuel Archibald
in Série Nova, Le Quartanier, 2013

Hollywood by Marc Séguin
(tr. Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo)
Exile Editions, 2014

Peut-être jamais by Maxime Collins
Les Éditions de l'interdit, 2014

Wildwood by Johanne Seymour
Libre Expression, 2014

Repentir(s) by Richard Ste-Marie
Alire, 2014

Terreur dans le Downtown Eastside by Jacqueline Landry
Les Éditions David, 2013

About W Translation

W Translation is a thriving French-to-English tran​slation business founded by David Warriner, a certified translator with over fifteen years of industry experience in Quebec and British Columbia.

David Warriner grew up in England and developed a passion for French at an early age. After graduating from Oxford University he moved to Quebec and soon started his career in translation. David freelanced for a year with the company he created, Britboy Translations. Next, he was hired as an in-house translator for a prominent Quebec-based insurance company.

A few years later David was headhunted by another financial group to build a translation service in Quebec City and Montreal. Here he developed valuable skills in recruiting and managing a team of in-house translators and freelancers. David helped to bridge the language gap between the Quebec and Toronto offices by liaising with people at all levels of the company.

David worked in-house in the insurance and financial services field for eight years. He translated documents of a corporate, legal and contractual nature as well as marketing and communications texts. David and his team were also responsible for creating English product names and slogans.

Next, David moved to the West Coast with his family to coordinate the French translation needs of a government ministry. A year later, he decided to launch his own business again, this time on the strength of a decade’s experience in the industry.

W Translation works with Canada’s official languages and primarily caters to your French-to-English translation needs. We can also edit and proofread your existing English documents.

With a hand-picked network of French translators, W Translation also has your English-to-French translation needs covered.

W Translation is proud to offer certified translation from French to English under the seals of the Society of Translators of British Columbia (STIBC) and the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ).

What sets W Translation apart from other language service providers is our extensive in-house expertise. Having been on the inside looking out, we know what makes a good external service provider and strive to meet that ideal.

If your company has an in-house translation service, we work as an extension of your team and integrate your existing reference documents, termbases and translation memories.

Whether or not your company has an existing translation infrastructure, we aim to provide the service and attention to detail you’d expect from an in-house team.

Our number one priority is to meet your needs—and go above and beyond your expectations. We look forward to working with you.

Contact W Translation today.

Logo W Translation, David Warriner, OTTIAQ and STIBC certified translator, for your French-to-English translation needs.

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W Translation is managed by David Warriner and based in Penticton, a charming town nestled between two lakes in British Columbia's sunny Okanagan Valley. 

David Warriner

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Certified Translator

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Suite 260
113-437 Martin Street
Penticton BC, Canada


Please use the form below to contact W Translation, or email your query and any attachments to


Insurance and Financial
Services Translation

W Translation caters to the French-to-English translation needs of property and casualty insurers and life and health insurance companies.

[W] is a results-driven [company] that can always be counted on for quick turnarounds. - Nancy Yip, Translation Coordinator, La Capitale Financial Group

Insurance translation, financial services translation, French to English, by W Translation, David Warriner.

With eight years of in-house experience with Quebec-based insurers, and five years as an external service provider to these companies, we know the intricacies of your insurance market.

Our expertise in insurance encompasses all aspects of life, health, critical illness, AD&D, disability, long-term care, home and auto insurance—from contractual texts to policy administration, legal correspondence and annual reports.

You can trust W Translation to handle your client-oriented marketing texts and get the message across to your agency and broker networks. We care just as much as you do about quality English in your corporate communications and internal policy documents.

W Translation is also able to work within the realm of most financial services offered by today’s progressive insurers, such as savings and investment solutions.

If there’s anything too technical or in-depth for us to handle with ease, we will be happy to refer you to a specialist translator in our network of tried and trusted professionals. 

Whatever your insurance and financial translation needs may be, you can trust W Translation to act in your best interests.


Insurance translation, financial services translation by W Translation, David Warriner.


Corporate Translation

W Translation provides in-house quality work to companies in need of general business translations. So whether your company specializes in event management, IT, or agriculture, we can help with your corporate communications, employee documentation and contracts.

W Translation respectfully leaves any highly technical and in-depth work to translators who specialize in your niche. We are always happy to help you find the specific resources you need.

W Translation has almost a decade of experience working in-house, so we know how translation fits into the big picture of your business. We go above and beyond translating the words on the page. We tailor your message to make sure your client understands what you have to say.

We know that your original French text may well be rolled out alongside the English translation. That’s why we flag any errors and inconsistencies we see in the source text so they can be corrected before publication.

Simply put:

W Translation cares
about your business
and sees the big picture.

Contact W Translation today.

Corporate and business translation, French to English, by W Translation, David Warriner – working as an extension of your in-house team.


[W] consistently delivers high-quality, well-researched translations even under pressure and, most importantly […] cares as much as you do about the quality of the work, frequently catching inconsistencies in the source text or making nuanced recommendations to improve the final result. - Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, Ecosystem

Certified Translation,
Official Document Translation
and ICBC Translation

W Translation is proud to offer certified translation from French to English under the seals of the Society of Translators of British Columbia (STIBC) and the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ).

David Warriner is a certified member in good standing of STIBC and OTTIAQ. He is qualified to translate and certify official documents issued by educational institutions and government authorities from French to English.

As a registered translation provider with ICBC, David can also provide approved and certified translations from French to English of driver’s licences, driver’s abstracts and insurance claims histories for newcomers to British Columbia.


Certified translations in British Columbia by W Translation, David Warriner, OTTIAQ and STIBC certified translator, French to English.

How to get a certified translation

Certifying a translation involves stamping, signing and dating each page of the translation and a copy of the original document, and preparing an official translator’s statement detailing the document(s) translated.

In order to provide a certified translation, David must see the original document in order to be satisfied that it has not been modified or tampered with in any way.

If it is not practical to meet in person, please send an electronic copy of the document to us for an estimate. The original can then be forwarded by courier or mail. We deliver all certified translations and return original documents in person or by express mail with a tracking number.

W Translation offers certified and notarized translations

W Translation offers notarized translations upon special request through a notary public in British Columbia.

Notarization involves presenting a copy of the original document and the translation to the notary and signing an affidavit to swear that the translation is a true representation of the original. The affidavit is then stamped and signed by the notary and attached to the translation. W Translation pays the fee charged by the notary for this service and passes the cost on to you without any mark-up.

It is important to be aware of the differences between certification and notarization. A certified translation is a mark of quality, since it can only be signed and sealed by a certified translator. Conversely, any translator can offer a notarized translation by swearing it is accurate before a notary.

Whether you need a certified translation or a notarized translation, W Translation has you covered.